ohsnap - the phone grip that doesn't suck

Or does it?

Personally, I'm biased against these things.  I find them at the best of times, unwieldly.  This follows suit with the rest and I find that (personally), the hinderance of having something stuck to the back making it uneven and not so ergonomic for my pocket outweighs any benfit it provides.

But, you may be different.

This is the ohsnap and runs for $30USD.  To me it ... well, like all of these phone grips, still kinda suck.  This I can see sucking LESS, as it isn't as such an obtrusive piece and it does have some functionality.

So, the way it works is that you open the package and then there's 3 pieces.  

The main 'rail' that attaches to your phone.  The 'snap bracelet' type piece slides into it.  And let me tell you, it doesn't slide easily.  It was not fun putting it together, and taking it out required me hitting all sorts of buttons trying to get it off.  I get it, it wants a snug fit so it doesn't just fall out later.  Smart, but still ...meh.

The ring/snap bracelet piece is just like those snap bracelets from the 90s and if you push the centre, it snaps into a curl.  You can connect the end of the curl where there's a scorpion like tooth at the end and it can hold onto the little circle at the end of the other.  That way it loops over your finger.

If you have smaller fingers.  I guess my COVID-19 is showing and my fat index finger had a hard time being comfortable in it.

Luckily the centre piece rotates around so that you can find an angle that is comfy for you.

Also handy when you want to use it as a kickstand to hold up the phone on your desk.

The last piece in the package is a metal plate.  This you can adhere to the dashboard, or your wall and then the magnet on the grip will stick to that and you've got a great little mount.

Now, I have 2 big problems.  First off, the ungainly bit of a back 'anything' make it wobble and not sit flush on the desk anymore.  That's annoying to me.

But, if you're into pop sockets, obviously you'd be fine with that from the outset.  

For me the 2 major problems are that:

A) it says it's supposed to support Qi... it doesn't.  I couldn't get any of my charging pads to work with this thing on.  That's deal a true deal breaker.

B) aside from the ptsd of the snap bracelets of the 90s and the scorpion like sting of it snapping out... it is just terrible waste of time trying to get them to go back into place so that you can put it in your pocket.  There's no way I'd be okay with putting it in a bag with the ring part still extended.  That little tip hook thing would scratch something and well... it couldn't fit in my pocket.  

Having it hard to put back in place also rears its head that if I didn't snap it out, and just using my phone, sometimes I've found that by pressing the home button or near the back of the strap it would snap out.

For me... this isn't a buy.  IF you're into those things (and my kid wants it after I'm done here) maybe this is for you.  But, as my son found out, you need a very straight back for it.  So if you've got a Sony, or an older HTC, you're out of luck.