Mujjo's new insulated touchscreen gloves

It's winter... it's all official.  We had a good dumping of snow this past week.  15cm .. now it's mostly melted by now, but we'll get another 3cm soon.  It was a good time to give these new gloves from Mujjo a chance to shine.

$75CDN for a pair of gloves?  Crazy right!  Read on.  I loved the originals from last year and they still work, unlike other brands where they lose touch sensitivity.  Plus, the interesting thing is they say on the website that it's a double-insulated - but the container says triple! So it's like getting an extra layer for free!

The quick TL;DR is it's awesome, but you really... REALLY, have to pay attention to the sizing.

Okay, so yeah, last year I had ordered the Medium.  I checked out their sizing guide and it turned out medium was my size.   And it fit really well.  So comfy.

I had to double check for size this year that it was medium last year.  I also checked the sizing guide, printed it off and medium was also what it recommended.

I guess with the extra insulation I should have gone a size up.  I still fit my hand in there, just wasn't as simple.

Once my hand was in there, it was a little tight, but still comfy, and you feel immediately feel that it's going to be warmer as it feels thicker.

It's thicker, but it STILL works just fine for the touchscreen ability.

I can play Pokemon Go or check social media.  Needing a little more 'finesse' like swipe typing you may need to be taking your time with the slower hunt and peck for the individual keys.

It works as it should, and as well as any other I've tried out there.  And it lasts. 

I've given it a real go by using it for about a 90 minute snow shovel battle we had with a slush bunch of snow and after that the little 'treads' on the glove are still there and being soaked, it still worked on the phone just fine. 

Letting it try over the vents it still worked just as well.  It's been about a week and it's still working, showing no real signs of wear as of yet.

I was hoping it might 'loosen' up a little but it hasn't.  So, my recommendation is that if you're looking for a really nice looking touchscreen glove, and want something warmer, this is the one to get.  But, do keep in mind, add a size bigger than what they recommend.  The sizing guide works for the single layer version, but the triple, you'd want to go a size higher (just like you do with shoes and boots when you've got to fit your foot and your Nipigon Nylons.