Mujjo's Touchscreen Gloves - a touch of class

Winter is coming... err... I mean it's here.  Actually last week we had some unseasonably warm above freezing temps.  Unheard of for northern Ontario to have December temperatures like +6℃.  But for the most part, winter is here.

That means some time outside where our hands will get cold and we may not want to take out our phone.  There have been MANY touchscreen gloves out there.  We've reviewed a lot, and even other solutions.  Irregardless, most don't last too long.  The snow or sweat eventually cause the conductiveness to wear out.

So, I needed a new pair.  Luckily Mujjo has a lineup and I hadn't tried them out.

Mujjo makes some amazing quality leather accessories.  Like really good quality.  So their gloves won't be any less... nor will be the price tag.  I'll warn you of that.  But, remember, you get what you pay for.  Trying to compare this to the items you'll find at y our local big box store or some online shop... it's not comparing apples to apples.

They sent me their "All-New" gloves, which uses the 3M Thinsulate lining.  They run at $62CDN a pair.

It feels almost like neoprene.  It's a stretchy tight-knit style glove.  It has some good flex on the hand and feels snug (so make sure you check out their sizing guide)

The lining inside is kinda like a felt/fleece, so it's comfy.

I will admit it feels thin.  And this week it's dipped back down to a low of a cold -11℃ today.  I can feel the cold seeping into the glove.  It's not COLD cold, but it's definitely not something I'll want to be using to go out and shovel for 30 minutes (please don't jinx the no snow so far....).  But jaunting from the house to the car, car to the office ... the occasional office to the cafe, it'll be fine.

But it's very comfy.

Best of all, it works.  Not just 'okay, it works' like it would register a touch if you really had to intend to push a place on the screen, rather it works like without having to think too much about it.

I was surprised how easily and readily it worked to register touches and swipes.  It would easily let me punch in my pin code on the lockscreen fluidly without me having to press press press... I think I've only had about once or twice where it missed.  It's not perfect.  But it's almost like I'm not wearing them.  I can even still play Pokemon Go and fire off curveballs with ease.

And it's only been about a week of me using it.  It's been warm, hasn't been a lot of cold or snow.  So I'll keep using it until it's too cold and let you know how it maintains it's touch sensitivity.

Now, when you look at the glove it also has some 'rubber lines' on it.  This will help you hold the phone as the fabric is pretty slippery.  And when you're like me and not a fan of cases, phones get extra slippy.  Not having your phone fall out of your hand and into a snow bank or on some hard ice would be appreciated.

I think there could have been a little more thought on where they go, they tend to be on the ends of the fingers only and nothing on the palm.

When I grip my phone, I do it by letting it rest in my palm and my fingers wrap and hold it... doesn't exactly line up with the rubbery bits.  So there's some adjustment required to make sure it doesn't slip.

So, it's expensive, but it's really good quality.  I enjoy having them for my daily gloves now and they're a perfect fit for my jacket pocket when I go inside so I don't have to forget where I laid them down (maybe they could come with some hook or something on the wrist so that I could clip them to my jacket).

They have some other styles on their site, some more expensive (think quality leather), some cheaper (think simple knit designs), but this is a nice blend of everything.