Google Assistant can now ring your Tiles

Now, this is a handy feature.  More and more I've been adding smart things to my home.  A Bluetooth enabled fireplace, smart air purifier, and then smart lights (starter kit & Play lights) and now 7 Home/Nest devices.

Loving the integration.  Over the summer I had bought some gifts for participants of a program and added in some Tiles and the kids loved it.  I've been thinking of getting some.  I have the Nomad power bank with the power of Tile baked in, but I've never had to ask where it is.  I have had to ask Google to find my phone a lot.  I wish I could do that for my keys.

Well, with Tile you'd have to have your phone, and then from your phone look up on the Tile app to find your keys.  Now, Tile has integrated with the Google Home system and as such you can ask your assistant to make your keys ring.  Sweet.

To do it:
  • go to the Home app, and then from the app, hit the +Add button, and then you choose "set up device".  
  • Then you choose something that "works with Google" (the option where "Have Something Already Set Up?") and you can scroll through all the types of programs/platforms that work with Google.  
  • Among the Ts you'll find "Tile" (god, there are a lot of services that work with Google) and then you'll be asked to log in with your credentials (assuming you've already set up your Tile stuff).

That's it.  It'll connect the two accounts and now you can ask your little mini to "make my Nomad ring" and the little power bank will do its beeps.  Any device you have connected with the Tile account will now also start to work too.

Methinks I'm going to have to buy some Tiles for our sets of keys... mine, my wife's, my kid's... and I have separate keyrings for my car, our spares etc...  This could get expensive... but oh, so handy.