Catalyst has a military grade case for your Galaxy S10

Okay, so I had been using the Galaxy S10 now for a little over a week and I'll have my review up for that soon, but for the first few days I found it incredibly small and slippery.  No way am I going to have what happened to my P30 Pro happen to this.

I am in this love-hate relationship with cases.  I know I need them, but I don't like them.  Catalyst is pretty good to ease that hatred of covering up the device I love.

This is a pretty expensive case, running you $60CDN, but it has everything I love / need in a case.  Minimal padding/extra bulk good protection rating and best of all, a lip over the screen so you can put the phone face down and not have the screen touch the table.

Also, this is a clear case so I can see underneath (and let me know when all the dust is accumulating and needs a clean) - keep in mind with a clear seethrough case, you'll want to make sure you get your grubby finger grease cleaned off before you lock it away.

In the box there's a lanyard for it too, if you wanted that... do people use that?

The case is so expensive because of the fact that it's got MIL-810G rating, it says it can survive a 9.9ft drop, and it had a 2lb steel ball dropped from 20 feet without damaging it.  Interesting.

It's got all the right ports and buttons and everything just works as you'd expect it.  Clear and rubbery with a nice texture so that it isn't slippery and still fits in my pocket with minimal extra bulk.

Overall, it's pricier than you'd probably want to spend on a case, but when you are spending $1000+ on a phone, you're going to want to protect it.  At just ~6% of the value it's a proper investment.