Casio releasing a new ProTrek with a heart rate monitor

Alright!  Casio made a really good watch with the F20 (they updated to the F30, but I'm still rocking the F20).

Now my biggest complaint with the F20 was that it didn't have a heartrate monitor.  Every other device I've used has one, so to be without was a bit jarring.

Casio's just released the F21HR model, the HR meaning it's got a heartrate monitor now!  Sweet

The device is rugged, and well built and the black model doesn't stand out too badly even in a business outfit.  Looks good to me at least.

Looking forward to being able to get you a full review on how the HR feature enhances its usage, and I'm really looking forward to getting back into WearOS.  (just too bad they haven't changed that charger)

Check out their news release:


  • 1.32" 320x300
  • Water resistance 50m (5 bar)
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • Heart Rate (optical)


New WSD-F21HRʼs Heart Rate Monitor Enables Users to Pace Themselves when Road or Trail Running 

MARKHAM, ON (Sept 6, 2019) – Casio Canada Ltd. announced that it will release a new addition to the PRO TREK Smart series of wrist devices for outdoor enthusiasts – the WSD- F21HR.

Casio’s new WSD-F21HR which is slated for release this September, is outfitted with a heart rate monitor for pace management during activities from road and trail running, to cycling, climbing and more.

Casio entered the smartwatch market in 2016 and released the WSD-F20 in 2017.

Featuring GPS technology and offline maps, this and subsequent models allow users to easily check their current location from their wrist, even in locations without cell phone service, and they have been especially popular.

Heart Rate Monitor The new WSD-F21HR is the first PRO TREK Smart to offer an optical sensor. It measures users’ heart rate by flashing a LED light onto the wrist. Once measured, information is expressed as one of five heart rate zones1, allowing users to see the elapsed time and more at a glance. The watch also has a new Heart Rate watch face which enables it to automatically switch to the heart rate monitor screen when motion is detected by the accelerometer.

Casio Activity App The WSD-F21HR also offers Casio’s enhanced Activity App which now features Running and Trail Running menus. These menus display measurement data in real time which can be optimized by choosing three types of information displays including heart rate, pace, and distance2. Furthermore, because up to four screens can be set, the user can easily switch between them and check the desired information while engaged in an activity.

GPS & Offline Maps The WSD-F21HR can also display maps and the current location enabling users to enjoy taking an unfamiliar route or running when they are traveling. Since the WSD-F21HR can import GPS log data, users can check previously used running, trekking and cycling routes. Data measured by the Activity app is also automatically saved to Google Drive, and activity history can be viewed on Google Calendar.

As with other PRO TREK Smart models, the new WSD- F21HR can access Google App services, the trekking app ViewRanger, the cycling app BIKEMAP, the running app STRAVA, and other outdoor sports apps compatible with Wear OS by Google making it ideal for a multitude of outdoor activities.

Additional features and Design Designed for the active outdoorsman, the WSD-F21HR boasts water resistance up to 50 meters and environmental durability built to military specifications. It features a bold, durable front bezel and a soft urethane band with a double pin buckle to ensure a comfortable fit, as well as Casio’s signature dual-layer display.

The WSD-F21HR will be available for $649.99 CDN in black and red this September at selected retailers including WATCH IT!, Hudson’s Bay,, and

For more information on Casio’s WSD-F21HR and full PRO TREK collection of timepieces, please visit and