10 things for Android 10

Alright, after spending a weekend with a bunch of 'iUsers' and listening to them have issues with how they use their device... stuff that I could say to them "yeah, on Android it works this way".

It was kinda funny...

Well, Android 10, the next version (still going to miss calling it something with a Q), is coming with a bunch of ways that will help improve your mobile experience and they made a video with 10 of them:

  1. Smart Reply with more options
  2. Dark Theme in more areas
  3. Gesture Navigation (I'm still getting used to that)
  4. Live Caption
  5. Permissions/Location access granular controls
  6. Privacy settings in one place
  7. Faster updates with Google Play System Updates
  8. Intuitive notifications
  9. Focus mode
  10. Family link improvements