Goin' Fishin' - Fishbrain and Casio pair up to help you with that catch

So, it's almost the May Long ... in Canada, the May Long Weekend (Victoria Day weekend), sometimes known as the ol' May-2-4 (it was years before I found out that didn't mean you were required to drink a 2-4 over the weekend), it also signals the opening weekend for Walleye (you may know it as Pickerel).

Very timely that the Fishbrain app (remember them, the Facebook for fishermen) has just paired with Casio, to have their wear app bundled in with the F30 watch.  (You can get it on any WearOS, but it's just included on the outdoors-friendly F30)

Tight lines everyone!

Fishbrain teams up with Casio to enhance WearOS app with voice logging and machine learning-powered fishing forecast

  • Users can now log catches with their voice, rather than manually inputting details
  • AI-powered Fishbrain BiteTime™ shows anglers the best time of day or night to catch particular species of fish, accessible with a glance of the wrist
  • Fishbrain is available on the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 and other wearable devices powered by WearOS

STOCKHOLM/TOKYO, MAY 15TH 2019, 06:00 PDT / 09:00 EDT / 14:00 BST - Fishbrain, the world's most popular social network for anglers with eight million users worldwide, today unveils significant updates to its WearOS app, with Google Assistant integration enabling anglers to log catches with their voice. Available as a featured app on the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30, Fishbrain is also introducing BiteTime™, the world’s most advanced machine learning-powered fishing forecast, to a smartwatch for the very first time, providing premium users with cutting-edge analytical data, accessible on their wrist.

The updated Fishbrain WearOS app is a joint development between Fishbrain and Casio, with its functions being optimized for Casio devices that are designed to operate in widely varied environments, meeting users’ toughest outdoor needs. The new features require limited input from the user, reducing the need for them to take their phone out of their pocket or bag during a fishing trip.

Key features include:

  • Voice logging - utilizing Google Assistant, users can simply say “log catch”, and specify species, height and weight, and whether it was a catch and release (whereby a fish is put back in the water once it’s caught). The catch will then be uploaded to Fishbrain (as there will be no image it will only appear in the user’s profile and will remain hidden from their feed). After the fishing trip, they can see how many fish they caught and the exact catch positions, in turn aiding with the planning of their next fishing trip. 
  • Fishbrain BiteTime™, the world’s most advanced machine learning fishing forecast - provides premium users with data-driven insights on the best time to catch particular species of fish, making it easier than ever to land their dream catch. This information can be shown either as graphs inside the watch interface, or received verbally, for example: “The best time to catch striped bass in Pillar Point Harbor, California, is 2am";. Fishbrain BiteTime™ analyzes data from the 5.4 million catches already logged on the app and over 30 geographical attributes (including sun altitude, moon phase, temperature, air pressure, wind speed etc.).
  • Weather summary - users can access localized information, such as the time until sunset/sunrise, wind direction and speed, as well as tide rise and fall, in any given area. 
  • Location tracker - users can view their exact catch locations on an interactive map, while those with Premium can also see other users’ catch locations (only if they have been made public). 
Fishbrain for WearOS gives anglers the ability to check local fishing maps, catch locations and more with just a tap on their wrist. The app's interactive map helps anglers find hot new fishing spots.

Johan Attby, Fishbrain CEO and founder, comments: “By allowing users to log catches with their voice they can focus solely on the task at hand, landing that dream catch! The introduction of Fishbrain BiteTime™, meanwhile, enables them to digest accurate forecast data. Fishbrain is a perfect match for wearable devices such as the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30, because often when you’re out on the water you aren’t able to pull out your smartphone, so by having such sophisticated technology on your wrist you are able to fish smarter, not harder.”

Austin Kazami, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at Casio Smartwatch, adds: “Casio is delighted to be a partner of Fishbrain, and we are very excited to see the new enhancements on Fishbrain for Wear OS, with voice logging, a machine learning-powered BiteTime forecast, and easier map access all being implemented. With this update, Fishbrain is further demonstrating why for adventurous types the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 represents a much more practical alternative to a smartphone.”