Fishbrain - the social media app for fishing enthusiasts

These days, despite the recent scandals going on with 'social media' there are still a plethora options for people depending on your interest.  We've got Facebook, of course, Twitter, Google+ ... and then the specialities like LInkedIn, Untappd, etc....

Cover artAnd now there's Fishbrain, the social media to help connect those who are enthusiastic about their fishing and wanting to connect with other enthusiasts.

Pretty cool little app.  I'm not a big fisherman, so shared it with a local columnist who is and you can see his little video at the bottom of this article (in the radio piece he said it was shared by 'some blogger').

Here's my little hands-on video:

The premise is much like many other social media apps.  Post your pictures or thoughts into a stream of posts with other people you can connect with.  Currently there are 5 million users on there, so I'm sure you'll find some other fisher who shares your interest.

Because that's the other feature, you can choose to not just follow specific people, but specific niches of fishing.  So sturgeon catches/topics, or specific lures or specific lakes... so that's a little better.

Then there's the option in the app to look at a map and see what is going on with catches at that lake.  Depending on how they post their catches you can not only see the photo and 'where' (now there's a whole thing about that

If you have the paid version you can see the depth charts for the lake.

But even more important, you can get weather information for that area, so you can plan your trip properly.

Social media is great... it's a good opportunity to connect with like minded people.  And therein lies the problem with most.  They mash all their hobbies and likes into one single consciousness-stream and you're supposed to pick out what you want and don't want.

Having niche 'platforms' is a good way to follow what you like and not be bombarded with Aunt Sally's latest tinfoil hat theory about the lizards in the swamps...

If you like fishing and are at all enthusiastic about it, then this is the app for you.

If you're like me, and you like to fish, but obviously have no clue, then maybe stick to another social media form.

Get it on Google Play

Gord Ellis' video