Canadian Pixel owners can now screen their calls

One of the cool features they showed off with the Pixel 3 was the new AI skills.

Skills like taking pictures in near dark ... but can also screen your calls for you.

The feature was that if there was a number you didn't quite know, you could hit the 'screen' button and then Google's Assistant would talk to the caller and give you a transcript of the conversation so you can determine if it's spam or just your mom calling from a public phone.

Now, the feature wasn't immediately available, and then went to Americans.  Well, apparently us Canuckians can get this feature for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3.

To get it you need to opt into the Phone beta program.

I've gone ahead and done that, even got an update today - but I still don't see the option.

Maybe it'll be soon!

But check out their blog for more details: