Too many cameras? LG patents a 16 lens phone

Okay, so I'm excited - Huawei is sending me on their new Mate 20 ... which, like the P20 Pro has 4 lenses (3 on the back, 1 on the front).

I love how they've changed the lens layout on it from a vertical to a sort of 'quad' style - and then folks are finding inventive ways to have cases look interesting...

Well, if 4 isn't enough - LG has just patented a 16 lens design.

That's right ... 16 lenses.  And that's just the back:

A 4x4 matrix of lenses on the back - who knows how many in the front?

Is that too many lenses?  I can guess that it's going to have features similar the not quite so well known Lytro which let users refocus a photo after it had been taken.