Google Fit FINALLY re-adds widgets

So, Google Fit had a bit of a redesign a while back, sort of inline with the Wear OS 2.0 redo... (I think).

I liked the idea of 'move' and 'heart' points.  Makes sense (not all steps are made equal).

What I didn't like was that they removed the widget from the homescreen of your phone.

It was still there on the watch, but not the phone.

It was my good daily motivator.

Finally ... fine-a-effin'-lee ... they've brought the widget back.


And there's 2 widgets now.

One is the traditional 'wheel' where you see your activity  based on your goal for the day.

Don't make fun, this is a terrible sedentary time of year for me.

Then there's the simple stats one (steps, calories burned, and distance).

Personally, as a type A personality, having that goal wheel is the bigger motivator than just numbers.  It's no coincidence I forced myself to bring my gym equipment with me and heading there after work.