Hangout Show Returns! #101 - Wednesday, February 11th @ 10PM EST

yup, it's been a while.  Sure enough we all got pretty busy during the holiday season, and well, sometimes it's harder to get back into a routine when you've left it for a while.

No more excuses, we're back to our Wednesday night show with some news and thoughts on the state of Android as it stands!

We'll be pushing these rounds to keep it to just 30 minutes from here on out and we'll save the #AppColiseum to a separate show.

All our info for the Hangouts are still in the same location, just with an easier URL to remember:

You'll see the agenda for the upcoming show as well as video when it's live (or after) and our chatroom if you want to chat with us there during the show.

See you then!

Android Coliseum: Hangout #101 [Feb 11, 2015]

Host: Ryan