Photojojo's got some great accessories for your phone

In follow up to my post yesterday about getting out and about more with the better weather.

Being outside more means that I tend to use the camera feature on my phone more.  And this is where lots of people have issues.  Lots of folks are saying that cellphones just don't have the quality of a real camera.  Some say it's good enough.

There's an old adage that photographers have:

“The best camera is the one you have with you.”

So true.  So how can you make the best of what you have.  Composition is going to be your best friend there.  And, no, this isn't a lesson on how to take better photos... I'm not the guy for that.

What I do want to show off are some cool toys that I got from +Photojojo to help you with that composition.  Today I'm playing with the "Easy Macro Lens Band" and the "Phone-O-crome Slide Filter"

I just gotta say... Photojojo was pretty awesome.  This is a company I could easily work for.  They really have a lot of fun there it seems.  Whether it's the great customer service, or just the funny emails and receipt you get from them.

The parcel came with a 'stow-away-asaurus" and just little fun bits all over.  I highly recommend these guys.

First up is the Easy Macro lens band.  One of those items that you really just slap yourself saying "why didn't I come up with it".  Essentially take a good rubber band and plop a tiny little lens on it.

Use the band to hold the lens in place on the phone and you have a pretty neat little macro adapter.  On my Nexus 4 where it goes around it almost touches the power button, so you have to watch.  Also, to get the best result ensure you put the lens dead center over the camera lens.  Not 100% necessary, but you'll get different effect.  As always ... with photography: experiment experiment experiment

It works quite well and you should follow the advice that they include.  Start by nearly putting the lens right against the item you want to photo.  Then pull it back slowly.  With varying camera types and lens elements you may find that focus distance will vary (and if you get it perfectly centred, or just off centred placement of the band).

You'll also notice that the DOF is super narrow.  So shoot accordingly (see the dino shot below).

As with most macro photography the big key for your shots now are going to be light (ensuring that you're not casting a shadow on your subject is my biggest pitfall).  But have fun with it.  Here's some samples:

Go have fun with it!!

As for the Phone-o-Chrome filter.  This one really harkens back to some of my photography days, as I used to toy with the Cokin filter system.  The idea being you drop a filter in front of your lens to make it have either a gradient, or another desired effect.

This single slide has a bunch of gradients of various colours.  Unfortunately no 'holding system' other than your own hand, so you just play around until you get something you like and snap away.

I haven't had much call to play with it as the last few days have just been dull and grey, so no amount of gradient filter will fix that.

This is purely for fun, and way more 'inventive' than any instagram filter.