Friday Night Hangout #10 [Video]

Our first opportunity to do our hangout as the new blog, and the first in 2013!

We missed ya +Mark Lastiwka , but I assume that that cute kid of yours is keeping you busy!

Here's the video, and below I'm posting the agenda topic (also viewable here:

Android Enthusiasts: Friday Night Hangout #10 (Jan 04, 2013)
Please add topics during the week and not just during the hangout :)

Event link:
On Air link:

Main topics
Android Coliseum Website is born, also Twitter, FaceBook and Google+
Introduce ourselves, our android history
JB on 10%
Competition for Android?  Ubuntu for mobile / Samsung’s Tizen
Phones - naked / protected poll
CES next week - what’s your Android prediction?  [GTV / Tablets / Phones] CES next week - what’s your  - -   Android prediction?  [GTV / Tablets / Phones]

LG Nexus 4
Zenus case for the Note 10.1 -

Updates of the week
Not too many updates, but lots of sales.
Nova Launcher: Swipe action on all icons, not just the ones in the dock. Mostly optimizations for 4.2
Play Magazines linked to paper versions

#AppColiseum (leave blank until we show - then post links)
Ryan - APP -  Fig
Tom - APP - AdFree - AdAway
Cass - APP - Agenda Widget
X Sylvain (Video coming up next week)
X Mark


  1. Can you please put me on your mailing list so I can attend your events? I have been supporting all Android devices for work since them started.

    Thank you so much for your time.
    Carlo DeVito

  2. we dont' have a 'mailing list', more just a G+ page and facebook...
    watch the blog for the invite to the event (hopefully you're on G+, so you'll see the event created there)


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