YouTube doesn't let you download YOUR playlists anymore

Apparently, not without a Premium subscription.

And to be clear, I'm talking about:

  • On a watch
  • Playlists that are ONLY your uploaded music

This was one of my favourite features of my watch.  There'd be times I'd go to the gym, or want to listen to music while cutting the lawn, or going on a bike ride...

Instances where I'd want to listen to my music, but want to leave my phone somewhere safe.  I could still easily connect my Pixel Buds Pro to my Pixel Watch ... but what music would I listen to?  

I would go to YouTube Music on my watch and navigate to my Library, then Playlists... pick a playlist and then there would be a ↓ at the top and I could download the list for offline playback.

Leave the phone in the locker, go up to the gym with my watch and Buds and hit play and things'd be all good.  Listen to my music and I'd have a good workout.

Now, and I'll admit, it's been a time since I've tried this, I am SOL..

Opening YouTube Music on your Watch ... and I've tried this on my Pixel Watch 1, my OnePlus Watch 2, my TicWatch etc...

The option is gone now.

If you open a playlist, there's no option to download.  


Oh, but I did try something else out.  I went to 'songs' and thought, maybe I could try downloading those individually.  Sure enough, in Songs there is an 'uploads' section for me to look at (all tens of thousands of my songs, in alphabetical order, so it's going to be a pain to find all the songs I want), and if you long press you can choose to download.

Okay, so I can play it right?  Nope.  If you're not connected to the internet without a Premium account you can't even play the downloaded song of your own music.

As it is right now, YTM is unusable without Premium.

I'm so pissed.

I've spent the last few days corresponding back and forth with YouTube customer support (which they only do via email apparently), getting a new responder every couple emails; and essentially, without a Premium account you just can't.  Sure, once you have Premium you can download ANY playlist, those lists they recommend etc...

But, I don't want THOSE tunes.  I want the tunes that I've personally uploaded.  What's my music.  

Oddly, enough, I can do all that with my phone.  Go to my own uploads, pick my playlists and download any of those for when I'm going to be without WiFi or cell reception.

But, access on a watch was a step too far apparently.

I've asked them if it was a feature removed as I used to be able to do it, and it's responded with it was never a feature.