TCL launches 50XE NXTPAPER 5G phone in Canada

Announced previously at CES, this device is aimed at those who aren't necessarily the top end users, who don't need a flag ship with the highest specs.  I can think of a few users in my own family who just need a device to text, but the option for apps and photo.  I hesitate to say 'budget', but why should those individuals spend several hundred dollars on a phone that has more than they'll ever need?

Enter the TCL 50XE NXTPAPER for just $300CDN (may vary depending on carriers); here it is at Bell for $320

And here's what you'll get for that

  • 6.6" 1612x720 @ 90Hz
  • MediaTek Dimensity 6100
  • 4GB RAM (and an option for 4GB of virtual RAM)
  • 128GB storage (and microSD slot)
  • 50MP + 5MP + 2MP (used for depth) + 8MP selfie
  • 5010mAh

So for a 'seasoned user'... okay, a 'demanding user', like me, it would be woefully inadequate... for me.

No wireless charging.  4GB of RAM is minimal (but you can have the virtual RAM up to 8GB, so that's Pixel 8 territory).   

I'd imagine with the lower resolution mixed with a high capacity battery, this will just last most users a long long time.