Roomba can help Mom with the cleaning for Mother's Day

So, you ever just struggle with what to get mom?  My mom always says 'I don't need anything, just you'.  A gift of time.  So, help her with some of that time.  Not all households are like this, but some are, where the moms still do the cleaning.  

Well, Roomba is there to help reduce that work; and one I think that's suitable for my 'less than tech savvy' mom, is the Roomba Combo Essential; which, right now is on sale for just $300CDN

The device is both a mopper and a sweeper, offering that sweet mapping of the home and where it got to, just at an ultra lower price.  For that low price you do remove some of the niftier features (like the camera to detect obstacles and the clean base for easier emptying).  But, what I love about it is that you can connect it with your Google Home and ask the mini to have your Roomba do some cleaning.