Quick Review of the OnePlus 12

Okay, I'm going to say a 'quick review', because to be honest, I did a fuller review of the OnePlus 12R and then a series of smaller reviews of some of the nifty features I'd found (expanded folders, wallpapers, sidebar, flexible window).

The OnePlus 12 is so similar to the 12R, that to me there's only one difference.  Let's see if you can spot it

OnePlus 12ROnePlus 12
Gorilla Glass Victus 2Gorilla Glass Victus 2
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 2Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
Cameras50MP (1.0um)50MP (1.12um)
8MP (1.12um)48MP (0.8um)
2MP (macro)
65MP (0.7um) 6x zoom
16MP (1.0um) - selfie32MP (0.8um) - selfie
50W Qi / 10W reverse

So, with the 12 you're going to pay a couple hundred more.  The model I received of the 12R and the 12 are so similar for $400 difference, but for me the biggest difference with these devices is going to be the Qi charging.  You got to have wireless charging... I couldn't live with the 12R without it.

The size is the same, the resolution is very similar, for the model I have, the RAM and storage were the same.  The Snapdragon processor is just the newer version.

A super fun feature is having the 512GB of storage.  Limited to 128GB, which I've had with the Pixels, tends to be cozy, after 6 months, I'm noticing I'm down to just half.

What you'd really notice about the 2 devices in terms of performance is that it has the telephoto lens.

So let's take a quick look at that.

So aside from having the telephoto lens, the lenses are Hasselblad, and they want you to show that off with a watermark on your photos (which you can turn on, it's off by default).

Using the telephoto, I do like how they have a great guide for you to keep track of where you're zooming into.

As you can dive in super deep.

wide versus normal

Zoom in!

So the camera is pretty awesome.  Not all that different from the 12R.  I did notice (maybe because of the Hasselblad lens) that there's a Pro mode.

If you're a photog, you'll love having that full control for when you want it.  Adjust all the camera settings.

Also, just using the device, I had to get a case, as I found the devices pretty slippery and I was always just feel like it was going to fall.  Using it on a more regular basis, I started finding a few things that I didn't really notice on the 12R.

  • Flexible Window - this is the floating windows, with the right amount of screen size, it's nice to be able to swipe up on the device, but instead of just swapping to another app, you can sort of bring it up to a 'floating' area and it makes it a floating window.  I used this a lot to help multi task between 2 apps (split screen is never an easy to use interface I found).
    • Plus - why can I not have more than 1 floating window, or dock one and use one, etc...
  • Side shelf - I really like it, but it's awkward that I can't change the position of where the 'trigger' is (like you can with Samsung devices).
  • Selfie cam - did you know you can't zoom with it?  Thought that was odd

I love having all the extra space in this, and having the option of wireless over the 12R.  You have to have Qi.