Using the OnePlus Smart Sidebar

It's a common feature we see in a few manufacturers these days, a hidden away 'board' with easy access to apps or other files etc... On the OnePlus they have the Smart Sidebar.

Here there is quick access to a list of apps, but not just that.  

You have access to recently used files (that's always handy).  Any recent screenshots, photos, PDFs, etc.. that  it's saved or interacted with go there.

Then there's the nifty 'file dock'.  Anything you can 'long press' in an app (in full screen, haven't been able to do this if it's in a floating window), you can drag over to the file dock for an even quicker access.

What's especially cool (in my mind) is that launching those apps from the Sidebar, they don't 'take over' and then you 'lose focus' on what you were doing, it launches the app in a floating window.  This is great, as usually when you want something quickly pulled up in that way, it's usually just to check something or a quick access, and then get back to what you were working on.

Super handy.