OnePlus has a nifty 'expanded folder' feature for your homescreen

If you've read my OnePlus 12R review you'll see one of the neat features, and I thought to take a second and make a quick video to showcase that feature on its own.

Essentially, yeah, we can always arrange our photos together and put them in a folder for us to group and organize them, but this method with OnePlus makes it slightly better:

  • The expanded folder is bigger, so easier to see
  • You can swipe around within the expanded folder and see what other icons are in the folder
  • You can launch an app directly with a tap (vs. tapping the folder to bring the whole list up, and THEN tapping the icon)

It's a simple little feature that makes using the device that much easier.

To make it happen for you, just organize your folder as you would on any other device (long press an icon and drag on top of each other).  Then long press on the folder itself to get the option to 'expand' it.

Don't want it anymore?  Just long press and choose the option to 'shrink'.