OnePlus AirVOOC is a fast wireless charger

So, OnePlus has gone a different route for their rapid charging.  We've been hearing about QC3, or PD for fast charging out there.  OnePlus has also taken on this VOOC - or a Voltage Open-Loop-Multi-step Constant-Current Charging.

I think OPPO had come up with the standard for this first, and OnePlus has adopted for them.  This has meant their wall-charger with SUPERVOOC can charge at up to 80W (100W in Europe).  The fastest charging out there.

But, I'm a wireless charging kinda guy.  I love Qi, having Qi pads everywhere to leave my device on lets me assure my battery FOMO never happens.  The Pixel Stand has Fast Qi, meaning it can charge wirelessly with speeds up to 23W.  Not really fast, but I don't expect wireless to be fast, I want it to be 'convenient'.

Well, OnePlus has their AIRVOOC charger - this thing mixes both.  

Fast and convenient.

For $70CAD, you get a Qi charger that uses AIRVOOC standard to deliver up to 50W of charging.

50W of wireless is fast enough to charge my OnePlus 12 from 50% to full in just under 30 minutes.  So a 5400mAh battery from half to 100%.  

you can see it was 48% at 9:06, then 9:34 it was 100%

What boggles my mind with VOOC / SuperVOOC / AirVOOC, is that the wall charger portion of it uses a USB-A port, for PD we need C-C.

Odder still for the charger here is that it doesn't come with the wall brick.  I guess the assumption is that with your OnePlus 12, you have the 100W charger already, so just use that.

If you're not using something that's at least 50'ishW, you won't get that standard (and you'd also need a device capable of VOOC as well).

When you compare it to ... say the Pixel 8 Pro.  It doesn't come with the wall charger, but the Pixel Stand 2 does, but it's $110CAD to buy.  

So to compare evenly:

  • Pixel 8 Pro (no block) + Pixel Stand 2 (block) = $1350 + $110 = $1460
  • OnePlus 12 (block) + AirVOOC (no block) = $1170 + $70 = $1240

You could also buy an extra SuperVOOC charger for $70 (which will also have a USB-C PD port).

Similar to the Pixel Stand 2, with the faster charging to prevent it from overheating it includes a little cooling fan to help out.

I could feel some air, but I had to really lean in to hear the quiet whirr of the blades.

Overall, I liked the charger, and with the right device you're going to get the fastest wireless charging possible.