I can now see my Results About You from Google

So the other day it launched but hadn't quite rolled out everywhere in Canada just yet.

Checked it today and Google's "Results About You" page can now work for me. 

Here's what I get when I visit:  https://myactivity.google.com/results-about-you

[this may be a bold step to show you what the world thinks of me]

First up, you'll want to 'get started'.  

Then we just get some information about what the program is.

Then it needs to know some information about us - i.e. what's it going to look for (doesn't Google know that already about me?).

Then you need to confirm it's you... this isn't just you stalking some ex.

And it'll be off to the races, looking for information to let you know about, and it'll notify you (you can choose email, or via the Google app)

Now, I'm not as popular as other folks out there, way up in my Northwestern Ontario corner of the world, so there's no results just yet...

I'll update you when I get a hit and see what the options are to request its removal