Google Podcasts is going away (June 29, 2024)

This is a tale as old as time.  Google giveth, and Google taketh away...

This time it's Google Podcasts.  I think they've notified for a while that it was going away, and happened for the US earlier, but us up in Canada could still listen with it (it was odd reading a story about it being 'dead' while I was listening to one of my podcasts still).

Well, time has come for us up in Canada to give up the app and transfer away.

If you're a Google user, it's a simple couple of clicks to move your account and episodes from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music.  I'm not a big fan of YTM, but it'll work for the little I actually use podcasts; but if you're into podcasts big time, you'll want to export out to a different method/app.

For me, it was load up the Google Podcasts, and see the notification it's going away.

Then, click that button to see the setting and choose to export to YouTube Music.

It brings me to YouTube Music and I can see the podcasts I've used.   

And, what you can see now is a button to add podcasts into YTM, which we never had before.

After that, just uninstall Podcasts as it's not needed anymore.