Google's Find My Device network is up

I love Tile.  I have one on an old battery pack (built in), and then for each sets of keys in the house.

But one thing I'd found is that Tile is only as good as there are other Tile users out there.  Which is where Apple's "find my" network was superior, in that there were more iDevices than Tiles.  

Google has had a "Find My Device", but it only kinda worked if that device you were looking for had an internet connection for it to broadcast its whereabouts.

The new FMD network works on all Android devices being able to not only broadcast their own location, but do that low level scan of what other devices are around it and broadcast to the network as well. 

So they've updated the strength of the network by having more 'sniffers' (my term) to help locate.

Google's just put out a new blog post showing how this new network can work to your advantage:

  1. Locate devices when offline - you used to get "was last seen" - now this will work if they're offline
  2. Bluetooth tags compatibility - 2 manufacturers (Chipolo and Pebblebee) will work with this network (no more having to link Tile to my Google Home)
  3. Locate nearby items - my favourite thing is to just 'ring my phone' and it'll make it buzz, or have my keys start playing the music.  Now, it will also let you know when you're close
  4. Works with Nest - using those devices it'll tell you which device (i.e. which room) it's probably closest to
  5. Share with friends/family - now you can share location of your device items with a loved on.  "Let me look up where your keys are".