YouTube Create (beta) launches in Canada

So, yeah, my 'videos' aren't that great.  I want to say that they're 'low quality' as they reflect the truism of who I am, and is representative that I'm not an 'elite' and part of the everyperson out there.

But, mostly, it's 'cuz I'm lazy.  I tried to do video editing, and my perfectionism when it comes to a project will have me editing, scripting, re-recording again and again and ultimately just not get me to post.  I've opted to just live with imperfectionism by absolutely no editing... yeah, that's the ticket.  It's too cumbersome, so I don't bother.

All that may have to change as Google has just released their beta app of YouTube Create now in Canada.  The app lets you take your videos you've recorded and gives you a very simple interface to cut, trim, add text, add voiceover, have music, etc... right from your device.  

No more having to copy the file over, or any complicated mumbo jumbo and work on your computer, or even some of the things you can do from the YouTube website.

Just use the device you recorded it on to edit to make your upload.



YouTube Create beta launches in Canada, helping creators around the world make video editing simpler and more lightweight


Last year, YouTube introduced YouTube Create to eight markets- a new, free of charge app designed to make video editing for Shorts and longer videos easier, so creators can spend more energy on their craft and creativity. 


Editing can be a painstaking, time consuming, and expensive process, but YouTube Create helps make it easier for mobile-first creators. Since introducing the initial beta last year, we’ve been hard at work listening to the creator community’s feedback and refining the beta experience. 


Today, YouTube is launching YouTube Create in beta on Android in Canada to help new and established creators around the world make video editing simpler, easier and more lightweight - whether a creator is sharing a Short of life on the fly or producing a longform video for their community. 


Creators in Canada can now find YouTube Create in the Google Play Store to download. Here are some of the app’s key features: 


  • Audio cleanup: Background noise can be a bother. YouTube Create can automatically remove these distracting sounds so your voice is clear and easy to hear by just tapping “Audio Cleanup.”

  • Beat matching: Sometimes it can feel tricky to get your transitions just right, but with beat matching you can easily make cuts matched to the beats of the music. “Find Beats” will automatically identify the most compelling beats in the music and mark them on the timeline. This helps you easily match up the clips, so everything is in perfect sync. Your edits will look and sound crisp, without tedious editing.


  • Royalty-free music library: A great soundtrack can help set the tone of a video, but finding the right song can be hard. With YouTube Create, you can search right in the app and choose from thousands of royalty-free songs for the perfect fit. Because YouTube Create’s music library is royalty-free, that means you can easily monetize and share your creations on YouTube without worrying about copyright claims.


  • Voice over and auto captions: Use the built-in voice over tool to bring your story to life. With auto captions, you can transcribe and edit captions for your video with just the tap of a button, and pick from a ton of different options to stylize the text.

  • Effects, filters, stickers and more: There are thousands of stickers and gifs and a large curated set of effects and filters to choose from. Plus, YouTube Create’s transitions, effects, and filters help you go from one scene to another seamlessly. You can adjust the color, brightness, and saturation so the video looks and feels like your unique style. 


YouTube Create is seamlessly integrated to YouTube, so creators can easily create and start publishing Shorts and longer videos right to your channel with the tap of a button. 


There’s much more to come with YouTube Create as we continue to build the product in partnership with our global community of creators. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.


Sarah Ali, Senior Director of Product Management at YouTube said: “We’re pleased to introduce our beta version of YouTube Create to more than a dozen new markets today, as we continue to test and learn from our global community of creators. We consulted with more than 3,000 creators as we were building YouTube Create, and we’ll continue to work toward our goal of making the video editing process simpler, easier, and more intuitive for creators so they can spend more time on what they find creatively rewarding.”