Spicing up the Pixel Watch 2 - new band, new case - who 'dis

So it's been a few months with the Pixel Watch 2, and I've said it's so... seamless that you forget it's there.  It's not only seamless in function, that it's so unimposing on your wrist... I am a tech guy, I want people to notice.  How can I accessorize it?

I had been scared of any scratches on my watch, so I looked up some cases, and figured, while I'm at it, let's see some watch bands too.

Spoiler alert ... I bought cheapies off of Amazon, and I didn't like 'em.

Let's go over the cases I bought.  This was a 3 pack of cases that fit right over the watch to protect it.

It was only $13CDN and had a dark blue, black, and silver.

Immediately the plastic that you can see the screen through you can notice the tiny little 'bumps/grids' in it, so it mars the ability to see your screen, but I balance that against protection.  

For 90% of my use it's been totally fine to see and use the watch.  In super bright sunny days I found some angles it hard to see.

Now, how does it fit?  It has a little hole for the button and then slips over to the other edge.

2 issues.  It almost makes it impossible to use the recent button, you really have to press it hard.

The other thing is the hole for the main button is a little tight.  I found that, of the 3, only 1 really 'fit'.  The other 2 were so tight around the button that it was hard to press the button or you could barely rotate it.  I'd prefer the dark blue, but only the black one seems to work for me and have the room so the button presses freely and the crown rotates.

Not the best buy, but I have kept the case on just in case I scratch my watch.

How about the new watch bands.  I wanted something more geared for workouts - so stretchy.

This 2 pack had braided nylon ran me $23CDN.  

Not too bad, and again just to try it out.

I did love the style and look, and even more how EASY it is to change the straps on your watch.  Just with double check with is 'top' or 'bottom' to see how it fits.

Immediately with the way the buckle is, and my wrist size it tends to sit on my wrist bone.  Not too bad, just really feels like it's sticking out a bit.

The stretchyness of it is pretty nice, and it feels pretty comfortable.  Now to get the right fit, I found it a little tricky with the buckle.  A little too loose and the watch would think that the watch was off my wrist (and I'd need to put in the lock screen code), too tight and it'd really leave some marks on my skin.  You'd not notice it after a couple hours, but definitely overnight.

I'd gone back to just using the regular band.