Please Touch the Artwork 2 (game review)

So, I'm always looking for a good game to help fill the time.  I came across this one, as I do like those kinds of puzzle games.  You gotta fiddle around, find clues, poke at something out of the ordinary to find how to make things work to get to the next phase.

This game, Please Touch the Artwork 2, you are a skeleton dude who wanders around through the frames of various pieces of artwork that come to life ... sorta.

You tap around on the canvas of the artwork to move your character.  Eventually, you'll bump into some character on the art and need to solve that puzzle (find hidden objects throughout the gallery).

It's neat.

I'd love to play more, but I'm stuck.  Not that it's too hard (they have a pretty good 💡 hints).  One level I had solved the puzzle (a long 'simon says' style memory) and then there's nothing next.  Usually when the level's done, you get a piece of artwork you can jump into.  I can't go anywhere.

So I skip to the next (it's nice you don't HAVE TO finish to just go to the next) and a later level, as soon as you start your character is stuck and can't move.

Literally, move a little over and then it no longer responds.  I don't think I'm missing anything... just it doesn't work.

I'd love the game, but it feels like it's not quite done yet.  Looking forward to the errors getting fixed.

[and just as I hit publish - the game had an update and I can finish that one level...]

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