Hidden Through Time 2 - Myth & Magic (game review)

Sometimes... when I have a moment or 2 to myself, I like to play a little game.  Sometimes it's those mindless tap and play RPG style - but I do love a good puzzle.

Sometimes there are games that are in between the 2.  A semi-mindless tapping, but using some clues or intuition to tap in the right place.

There have been a lot of different types of games in this 'seek a find' genre, but "Hidden Through Time 2: Myth & Magic" takes a bit of a different spin on it.

So you have items to find in each stage.  Luckily, it's just one of each not the "find the 5 potatoes", and what's nice is that when it's there, it's there.  I've tried a couple and after hunting forever, they 'dynamically' put the item somewhere different after you've watched an ad.

None of that here.  Pay the $2.99CDN (or part of Play Pass) and it's all ad free.  Hunt to your desires.

What makes this a little different is that with each scene that you get, there are 2 'themes' to it.  Either night and day, or sunny and cloudy, etc... the change in the theme reveals or hides one of the items you're looking for.  That's interesting.  They nerf the feature a little by TELLING you whether the item will be found in either theme; which is helpful - but in the early few levels it's pretty straight forward.

Quickly, it gets a little less straightforward.  Sure, tapping the house will reveal the interior (and separate floors); but for the most part most things just have a tiny animation when tapped.  Now and again, the animation is more involved and something moves just enough to reveal the hidden object.  You'll never know what will do what, so you do have to just 'tap everything' on the screen to eventually find what you need.  I wish there was a little more straightforwardedness to it.

Speaking of that, they do offer 'hints'.  If you tap an item to search for, they will provide a clue "I hope the dog doesn't eat that meat" or something like that, so that gives you an idea to look for a dog, or meat to see where your item might be.

That being said, sometimes it doesn't make sense.  You're looking for a diamond... and you find a box that opens and there are diamonds in it.  But, not the one you're looking for, so it will just be that 'red herring', and it's kinda frustrating.

Overall, it's not too frustrating that I throw the tablet across the room, so it's worth the couple of bucks for you to just have some distraction to kill some time and not be a 'mindless' game, keeps your brain active.

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