Circle to Search vs. Google Lens

I've been very used to using "Google Lens" to search for something.  3 years ago I made you this video to show you how to "search what's on your screen".

So, to get Circle to Search, didn't seem like that 'innovative', and when I did my last video, I kept thinking how similar they were; and thought I should make a quick video to show the comparison.

See, not much difference.  You may get more 'precise' selecting with circling, rather than just long pressing a picture and tightening up the cropping, but honestly the time to long press the nav bar is about the same.

I did notice that C2S definitely is geared more about 'products' rather than a generic search result.

But aside from that I can't really find any major difference, meaning which is better, which is easier.

Honestly, I prefer the old method, moreso because I'm just used to doing it all the time (searching through marketplace items, finding model number of something to look it up; and C2S wouldn't really save me any time doing it their way).

Which do you prefer?