Pixel's December update inbound

Now, it supposedly 'hit' 4 days ago, but my Pixel 8 hasn't seen it yet (not my 7a or 7Pro).

The Tablet and my 6 have received it.

The update, according to Google, brings a few new features, not just a security update:

  • Portrait Light - 'readjust' the light in portraights
  • Document Scanner - use your camera to clean up a document, or receipt
  • Night Sight in Time Lapse video (for Pixel 8/8Pro)
  • Unblur can work on pets
  • Repair mode

And, even more out there, including adding some features that were previously on phones onto tablets (like spatial audio, or clear calling).

There's a whole table to look up what devices get what updates listed at the site from Google, and you can see even back to the Pixel 6a there are updates hitting.

I've just got to wait until the updates hit my Pixel 8 (and my Watch2).