Pixel Watch updates for Phone Unlock

Finally got my Pixel 8 December update yesterday, and at the same time the update for the Pixel Watch 2 (assuming this is also available for the PW1, will have to test).

This new update brought with it a security feature that allows you to use your watch as a way to unlock your phone.

Essentially, if you bring up your phone and it's locked, and this feature is on, bring your phone nearby and it'll then unlock the phone to the homescreen (or whatever app you were on).

This is somewhat similar how we can set up our Chromebook to use our Phone as a way to unlock (I use that a lot).

There is a caveat. Keeping in mind that all it's doing is checking if the phone is connected to the watch.  Technically, you could be sleeping and still have the 2 near for someone to unlock.  Or someone at a party could pick up your phone while you're near.  So, it's not as secure.  Your watch will send you notification that it was used to help unlock the phone, so if you see it, and your phone isn't near... go hunt (there is that 'find phone' feature), but it should be nearby.