OnePlus gives more design details for the 12R

OnePlus reveals design of OnePlus 12R, launching in global markets in Q1 2024
Today, OnePlus unveils the second member of the anticipated OnePlus 12 Series ahead of its upcoming Smooth Beyond Belief launch event on January 23rd
December 27th, 2023 -- Leading technology brand OnePlus today released the first image of the OnePlus 12R, the second member of the OnePlus 12 Series and the first OnePlus R Series device to launch in global markets. The device, shown in both Cool Blue and Iron Gray colourways, combines with the OnePlus 12 to prove that a smartphone doesn't need to be "Plus" "Pro" or "Ultra” to provide the best hardware specs and software experience.

Two unique colourways

OnePlus 12R will launch in two unique colourways, Cool Blue and Iron Gray. Cool Blue is a glossy finish with a light, fresh appearance, while Iron Gray has a matte feel to give a sophisticated and strong feeling. Both colours feature a matte metal frame to feel reassuringly strong in your hand, with the signature OnePlus Alert Slider now located in its new home on the left side of the phone. This change allowed OnePlus to introduce a new integrated antenna system which unleashes enhanced performance during online gaming sessions, making OnePlus 12R the perfect place to play.
The OnePlus R Series goes global
The OnePlus R Series started with OnePlus 9R in 2021 and continued with the OnePlus 10R in 2022 and OnePlus 11R in 2023. Historically, these devices have only been available in India and China. OnePlus R Series devices are performance-focused flagships designed to give users the best mobile gaming experience possible and have won plaudits for their single-minded focus on performance and use of industry-leading technology, as well as their highly affordable price. Now, with more graphically intense mobile games launching worldwide, OnePlus has listened to the feedback of its users and will be bringing the OnePlus R Series to North America and Europe for the first time.
About OnePlus 12 Series
A decade in the making, the OnePlus 12 Series has been developed to address an industry-wide challenge in balancing high performance, high power consumption, effective heat dissipation, and longevity. The two devices, the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, each have their own unique attributes that give users the choice to pick what's important for them on their next smartphone.
Both flagship phones are set to be released at the OnePlus Smooth Beyond Belief Launch Event at 19:30 IST on January 23, 2024.