Google's Messages app now has Google sign in for remote access

I frickin' love having 'web.whatever' access to my messaging.  Facebook was always famous as the option for if it's on your phone, it's on the web.

Then I had a lot of friends using WhatApp and to get it on my phone I can go to to get those messages too (sometimes, it's just easier to reply from the Chromebook I'm already typing on than to pick up my phone to respond).

Google's Messages app also had a mirroring option, but like WhatsApp required you to load up the web client (or app on a tablet), have it go to pairing and show a QR code to specifically pair that device with that other device.  Kind of a pain.

Well, today, Google's done away with it and now you can just log into your Google account at the website or via the app (say on my tablet) and it'll sync the text messages (RCS messages?? ... should we say it's more than just 'text') via the cloud.

You first have to go onto your phone you're going to sync from and choose device pairing.  Normally, it'll offer you the QR code scanner feature, but you can now choose to use Google sign in.

Now, go to the device you want to also have access on, and load up the website and choose to pair via sign in.  It'll do something cheeky.  It'll show an emoji.  

On your phone you'll be met with a notice saying someone's trying to sign in, which emoji is it showing?  You select, and bingo bango, you're good to go.

Works even if you then go to your tablet and from the app choose to sign in.  Follow the same procedure and your texts are there too.

Now, I wonder... can I get it to go back to all my old phones with old texts on it and sync those (merge them) together, or will one override the other... hrmm...