Unboxing the Pixel Watch 2

To go along with a new Pixel phone, let's see the Pixel Watch 2.

This model is the 'champagne gold' and the band is the same colour as my old one too, but there's still enough of a feel that it's new, so I'm not going to confuse the 2 if they're both on the table.  But really, from a consumer point of view it is so similar to know there's a difference.

The initial remark I have is that the charger is a bit of a pain that it's new, and the prongs (and I sorta get why) is very finicky to make sure it's aligned.  It can only connect and charge with the cord going out the side of the crown, so how I had it before I can't just let the magnet connect whichever way, you have to make sure it's aligned properly.

Outside of that, feels the same, little nicer crown.  But I'll have a fuller review for you soon!