Maps pumps in some AI for more features!

Google really is jamming AI into all the things lately and today they're announcing some more features into Maps

Now, keep in mind some of these features only really work on specific places, so if you're in a small northwestern Ontario town like me, you may have to wait.

They'd announced Immersive View at the Made By Google event recently, where taking that 3D map detail to a whole other level to provide that street level view of what you should be seeing when you use directions on the app (which, did you do they provide 20 billion km of directions every day?).

They just announced using Lens in Maps - an ability to look at your Live View and from there it's able to pull out what's around in the area to find things like ATMs, transit, etc...  (Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are now included).

Using that and more AI you can be more 'vague' in your searches in AI to find what you need.  So, instead of searching specifically for coffee shops, you could put something like latte artists to more narrowed down results.

Navigation now provides more accurate real world directions.  Whether this is telling you about the lanes, or showing landmarks to help you recognize, but even providing more EV charging station information.  All including more immersive view as well (where applicable).

I admit I rarely use Maps, I know my own town too well to need it; whereas the moment I'm in a different town, it's the first thing I do pull up.  So having more tools within that single tool.