Hands on with the Pixel 8's AI Wallpaper

As part of the integration of AI into all the things for Google, one way they are incorporating it is in generating some cool wallpapers.

So, much like Crayon.AI or Dall-E, etc... they can take some prompts and make up some picture/photo, the AI feature here has a method to create a background to be used on your phone.

So first you long press to get the option for Wallpaper and change wallpaper

At the top you'll see the options for either their emoji styled wallpaper, or you can choose the AI version (or forgoing all this, choose your own photos).

From AI you'll see they have a series of different kinds of 'themes' and then in those themes you have prompts (underlined bits) for you to tap and choose different descriptors (some have 2, some have 3), and then give it a couple of seconds and it'll generate a couple options for you.

Very neat.