TD now lets you put your card into Google Wallet in Canda!

So, I was just ragging on TD the other day about how they still didn't have access for Google Wallet.  

Today, I was playing with my watch and accidentally clicked the 'tap to pay' option and it brought me to the set up, and like usual I was a glutton for punishment and entered in my TD Visa card info, fully expecting the "yeah, we don't do that" message.

Except, it brought up a new screen I hadn't seen before, and eventually added that card to my Wallet on my watch.

Thinking maybe it was some glitch, I tried it out to add it to the phone's Wallet app.

And... it worked

So, sure enough, on TD's website they now have descriptors on the website about how to add to your phone.

I know for sure it wasn't there a couple weeks back... Google results say it was 19h ago for the result... so brand spanking new in my opinion.

Great news, and FI NA LEE... thank you TD.