Fitbit's new Charge 6

I remember a few years back, wearing an activity tracker was not the norm.  The fact I had a smartwatch on my wrist was definitely putting me in the exception pile.
Now, I look around and just about EVERYONE has something on their wrist.  Watch or tracker.
The granddaddy of them all is Fitbit, paving the way for some normalcy/acceptedness of activity tracking.
Fitbit (now owned by Google) has just launched their "Charge 6"

As the brand’s most capable fitness tracker yet and the first-ever tracker with helpful, innovative Google smarts and resources, Charge 6 is designed to help your routine run smoother so you can reach your health and fitness goals with the following NEW features: 

  • More accurate heart rate tracker and advanced health sensors
  • Improved fitness tools, including compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled exercise machines so you can see your heart rate on display in real time
  • 40+ exercise modes (including 20+ new!) for a more personalized tracking experience 
  • Helpful Google resources like Google Wallet, Google Maps and YouTube music controls

As with other Fitbit products, Charge 6 will come with a six-month Fitbit Premium membership, taking your Fitbit experience even further with features like Daily Readiness Score and Sleep Profile, more personalized insights, advanced analytics and more than 1,500 workouts and mindfulness sessions.