Official ChatGPT app now available for Android

Woot, I've been loving ChatGPT and using it for a variety of instances, for work, for football's social media posts, etc... (but I've promised you, I don't use it for here).  Even just for fun ("make me a cocktail with these ingredients").

When I've tried to show this power to others their first inclination was to try to download some app.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of 'clones' out on the app stores, so I've always steered folks to the actual website and then made a shortcut on their homescreen for it.

Well, now we have an official app.  

It was out for pre-registration less than a week ago and I just got the notice to install it now (I had some issues installing it as it kept saying "pending" and sped up the process by going to the web version of the store and telling it to install it on some of my devices - installed it immediately).

Bringing up the app you can do pretty much everything you can on the website version.  With your account you can also see all your history from previous options on the web version.


Now, just waiting for Google to let Bard be available in Canada!

How do you use AI?