My initial impressions with the Google Pixel Tablet

So it's been a few weeks with the Pixel Tablet, and I thought it was time to give you an update and some impressions - still formulated a full 'review' at the moment, but here's some of my 'top of mind' items when I look it over:

Really, for $700 it's not a bad price as far as tablets go, but it's also not a top end tablet, so bear that in mind.  That being said it's more than double what the Nest Hub Max would go for, so temper your expectations somewhere in the middle of a good tablet and a Hub Max.

Without any sort of 'folio' case or something I do have some concerns walking around and using it and taking it somewhere where the stand isn't.  I feel it needs to have some 'protection'.

The stand is pretty cool tho' and responds quickly to changing it over to those speakers, which are pretty good.  I think the Hub Max is a little better in that regard tho'.

I'm also disconcerted by the lack of a sort of 'utility' mode - where I tend to use my tablets more like mini-laptops, rather than just media consumption devices.  Meaning, I would like a keyboard to do some 'work' with the device.  I could use a Bluetooth keyboard, but then I'd need something to prop it up.

That being said the USB port feels limited, there's no monitor out, I can't even use a USB-C headphones on it.  Hopefully, that's just an update away - as I feel it's really missing the mark here.

Sure, it's great on the stand.  But where the reason you're buying it - in my mind - is moreso for the tablet than the smart display, so you need to support that use more.

Speaking of the smart display, I also think it falls a tad short on that.  With my Nest Hub Max, I can ask it to play something on Netflix, or I can swipe down into its basic menus and get controls on a lot of things - stuff you don't get on the Pixel Tablet.  The Hub mode feels just like a large phone lock screen - it can get into the Google Home settings, and you can play with picture slideshows, but doesn't have the full breadth of what the Hub Max does.

That being said, I rarely use those features.

So, for a first 'hybrid' of its kind, it's good, it's novel - I am holding my final review for just a bit longer to see how 'useful' it is.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!