Pixel 7a review - where's the compromise?

So, yeah... Google comes out with their yearly phone.  The flagship X model and then there's the X Pro (or previously the X XL).  Leave that be for a bit, and then they'll come out with an Xa model.  Lot of the same stuff, but sacrifices a few higher end specs to satisfy a juicy pricepoint to attract as many people as possible.

It's a standard act they've done since the 3.

Let's take a look at the Pixel 6 and the 6a

Pixel 6Pixel 6a
Storage128 - 256GB128GB
Camera - rear50MP / 12MP12MP / 12MP
Camera - selfie8MP8MP
Qino Qi

So you can see several spaces where the spec is a step down.  Not a big step down, but enough that it would save someone a couple hundred bucks.

But to compare the 7 and the 7a

Pixel 7Pixel 7a
Gorilla Glass VictusGorilla Glass 3
ProcessorTensor G2Tensor G2
Storage128 - 256GB128GB
Camera - rear50MP (1.2um) / 12MP64MP (0.8um) / 13MP
Camera - selfie10.8MP (1.22um)13MP (1.12um)
Qi (fast)Qi
Reverse charingno reverse

You can see I marked in yellow the true 'down steps', but the ones where you may not even know there was a step down, it's a lighter yellow.

So the glass isn't "Victus"... meh.  Apparently the Tensor G2 is a slight different variant - not that you'd notice.  Same with camera.  Some might say the 64MP is a better, but the pixel size is slightly smaller (letting a little more noise)... doubt you'd notice that either.

The Qi option on the phone doesn't reverse charge (I've RARELY ever used that feature myself), and it won't 'fast wireless' charge.  

So, practically an identical phone - just a bit smaller than the 7.  And I love the 7 (and my 7 Pro).

If you're not thinking the Pro (the higher res, slightly bigger, extra camera) ... and you're debating the 7 or the 7a.  To me, it's a no brainer to go after the 7a.