Android Features I take for granted - Google Photo Power

Have I said I love Android yet?  And there's just so much to a device, that it's silly to try to learn everything about it.  But, then I often find myself talking to someone and they didn't realize it could do X or Y. Something I just took for granted.

So, here's another feature that I feel is often overlooked, or just take for granted, that I feel that everybody should know about.

The power of Google Photos

So, whether it's wanting to find that specific photo, the Search feature has a lot of power.  You can ask it to find a photo with a dog and a duck in it, and it'll just know. Or you can look at photos taken near a physical location.  How about photos with your mom and a hat?  It'll do its best.

Then there are the tools.  You can touch up something, adjust the hue, and depending on your account (I pay for the Google One) or device you can do 'unblur' or 'Magic Eraser', etc...

It's more than just a simple photo storing app