Amazon launches 2 new Alexa devices - Echo Auto and Echo Pop

Who doesn't love to be connected to a virtual assistant - someone you can ask when is Father's Day, or "how long will it take to drive to Florida", etc...

Amazon, one of the first folks out the gate with their devices and handy "Alexa" has announced 2 new devices:

Echo Auto - a mini device that acts as a bit of a 'go-between' your phone and the car's audio system, it will connect with your phone via Bluetooth and act as it's microphone, which often is needed in a noisy car, and then outputs itself to your car's audio.  Go ahead and ask "how much farther is it?".  $79.99CDN

Echo Pop - an 'echo' smart device that adds a bit of fun decor to the room with it's round 'art deco' ish kinda look, this speaker ties into Alexa's brains and ready to answer your question in a variety of colours.  $54.99CDN