BenQ has some new MOBIUZ gaming monitors and they're on sale!

I remember working years ago at Radio Shack selling computers (amongst other things) and remember getting this box in from BenQ and it was massive.  It was a 19" computer monitor.  Which was bigger than like anything else we had seen and really stood out.  BenQ has kinda held that space in my brain for that 'standout' for monitors ever since.

Today they have a couple of gaming monitors, their MOBIUZ EX240 and EX240N on sale at the moment ($225 and $170 CDN respectively).

The big difference for the $55 is that the 240 will have IPS and a couple extra ports on it than the less expensive 240N.

Mind you, it's only FHD and not 4K or the like, which I'm fine with (still have that issue where if I connect 4K to my laptops it kills the wifi... so weird).