Prequel - a photo 'editor' with AI up its sleeve

Let's just take a moment and recognize that Artificial Intelligence sure is having a moment.  I do love ChatGPT and can't wait for Bard. 

But a little bit ago people were using it to make their photos even better and have cool effects.  Google's been using AI in its algorithms of sorts to create better photography for a while now and others are starting to take that a step further in after effects.

Take a look here at Prequel.

Like many other apps of its kind it has your standard 'instagram filters' you can apply to any photo.  Make it look lofi, or valencia... I think those are filters.  I dunno, I'm not that kinda guy.

But, to add to it, Prequel adds in AI features that will add styles to your photo, remove background etc...

Here, best to show you:

Now, Prequel is free to run, but you're going to be limited in what you can use.  Some filters with the Gold Star mean that you need to be a paid user.  Some filters you can use, but you may have to wait.  Normally, it's a couple seconds, but there was that one in the video you saw was up to 2.5 minutes.

To get rid of those limitations you can pay either $6.50CDN/wk for the app (which seems pretty high seeing as it'd just be $4.99USD/month) or $41CDN/yr.  

The math isn't 'mathing', but obviously the better deal is the year option.

Now, that's if you're a photo taking and then photo USING kinda person.  Depending on what you want to use it for, will that price be right for you or not.  At least there is the free option for you to play around with and have a sense if it's right for you.