Unboxing the Roomba Combo j7+

So we welcomed a new addition to our digital family, ironically enough on Family Day.  But first - we had to unbox the new wonder.

Here is what comes in the box when you order a Roomba Combo j7+ 

The whole kit and kaboodle will run you $1399.99CAD.  A bit on the pricy side, but ...

The new model includes a mop pad on the back so you can vacuum your room as well as give it a bit of a cleaning (so instead of buying just the i7+ and then buying the Brava, it's just one unit).  The "+" in the name means it also comes with the clean base to empty itself out and save you the hassle.

As well, the newer model includes a very smart camera and 'brain' for it to recognize more hazards and avoid them so you have piece of mind when you set it to its task.

The unit is super simple to set up and not only has it's own app, but has the ability for it to connect to your Google Home set up.  More on all of that later.

Expensive, yes, but try to think of how often you mop or vacuum... if you figured out how many hours it'd save you and then balance against the cost... I think you might find it'd pay for itself.