Quick Comparison of the Roomba i7+ to the Roomba Combo j7+

Okay, so we had "Spot" cleaning our floors before.  But before we relocate him I thought I would show off quickly how the 2 models differ.

Essentially, the cleaning bots look identical, the advantage being that the new j7+ includes with it a specialized mop pad and a reservoir of cleaning solution to mop while it vacuums.  

As well, the j7+ has a 'cleaning eye' at its front - a smart camera lens for it to look around (and a handy flash if it's dark under those couches) and see what it can see.  What might it not want to run over.  Basically adding a smarter set of eyes for it to navigate your room worry free.

Another noticeable difference is the clean base.  The i7+ is way taller, and I was concerned with the j7+ being shorter that it would have less volume for the bag and I'd be replacing it more often.

The bags seem about the same size, tho'.  But we'll reserve judgment after a few months and see what happens.  What is kind of neat is the base actually now has room to store a spare vacuum bag in there so no running around trying to find where you put them.

It was also neat to see the base now has a bit of a QR code kind of picture on the base.  This helps with the eye of the unit zero in on where exactly the base is so it can dock and charge.  Not that we ever had any problem with Spot finding the base or getting on where it should, but if it has a camera, might as well use it.