The Pixel Watch - is it living up to my expectations?

So, I've swapped from my previous watch, the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, to the Pixel Watch.

How have we gotten along?

Ultimately, it's that hybrid between the fitbit style activity tracker and a full blown smartwatch that I'm used to.  And I feel that it's leaning more to the side of a tracker; as I think that's where the better esthetics are and can attract more people.  

People wanting big honking smartwatches, like me, are few and far between.

Ultimately, some of the complaints I have (but yet, are not deal breakers) are listed below, and I really don't have any super 'pros' or wow features to balance it, except I like the crown rotating thing

  • Annoyances ... critiques?
    • The seal between the glass and the back feel not super tight, I can feel the edge; as well I've come to see sometimes that sealant rubber poking out - meaning you just have to pull on it to get rid of it.
    • I would love it if we could pin apps to the top like in Wear OS 2.0.  There are so many 'sub apps' (like Fitbit app has 4 or 5 activities in the list) that you have to scroll past to find the app you want.
    • The only other button is that 'recent' button, but it's in such an awkward spot
    • Battery is pretty weak.  Normal use will just last me a day (usually from about 7am - midnight kind of day it has ~30% left).  If you put going into the gym in that schedule, you'll more than likely need a top up before bed.
    • That charger... sad that it's ONLY USB-C.  I know I should be happy, but USB-C ports are fewer and further in between to find some times.
  • Pros
    • That rotating crown is crazy good, that has to be a standard going forward