My Pixel 7 Pro struggles with the car Bluetooth after last update

There's some things we just take for granted.  Set it up and it just happens and we don't even blink.

The other day I was in the car and got a call and just hit answer on my watch, not even noticing that the car's phone system wasn't ringing.  Took me a bit to realize that I wasn't hearing the person over the speakers. 

At the next chance I pulled in to a parking lot to see if I could figure out why it didn't connect.  

My phone said it was having difficulties to connect to BT and I should turn the device off then on again (hello, IT ...). I turned off the engine and restarted it and it still wouldn't show connected automatically.

Trying to force the connection wouldn't work.

I thought maybe it was the use of the new 'spatial audio' feature and disabled it for the car.  No luck.

Eventually, I just turned off the display of the dash and turned it back on - the BT wouldn't auto connect, but I could go into settings and tell it to connect and it would.

It's worked like that for the last few days for me.  So it's a bit of a workaround (if I remember to do it) until Google fixes this issue as it seems pretty widespread with other Pixel users as well.

If you have the same issues, try as I'm doing:

Turn the car on

  • wait until you know that the BT didn't connect
  • turn off your radio/display/dash
  • turn it back on
  • go into BT settings and choose '+Connect'

Should be working now